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Launching of CFTRI Alumni Site a new beginning

2023-May-29 12:05 • Posted by: Bharat

Dear Alumni, Seniors, Batchmates and juniors

They say that DIWALI is all about sharing joy, happiness, positivity and goodness among people. I thought the day of Dhantesaras should be perfect day to welcome our new alumni site After a month long work on this site, just making it live today with hosting. This site is all about us, our brand, our future and our identity. It’s a Dynamic site where in you can post your blogs, topics, have discussions, comments, search for jobs, apply for jobs, post jobs for benefit of our people. You can post news, events, trade fairs, and share moments in your life posting photos in gallery section, edit and many more.

We have multiple admins so that no one can misuse the site. We have a total of 8 admins as on date from our alumni who expressed their interest, we will accommodate few more. There is a rotational admin who will be from 2nd year MSc so that we are in constant touch with the current batch. I know that there will be issues and problems once we start using the site and loading with data. Let us know your inputs/ feedback & we shall constantly try to correct the same and improvise. If you have some questions please go through FAQ section at bottom of the site which will answer most of the basic questions. Please see the site in your laptops or desktops for first HD vision. We will be coming with a mobile app soon.

If you have further doubts do not hesitate to contact. Go register, let’s play with the site and have fun.

Happy Diwali Regards Bharath kumar Thota