If you didn’t take the time to read the answers to those questions above, take a look now. You’ll notice that Best Made had to answer both of these questions in the negative.

1. Is registering or sign up with CFTRI free?

A. Yes, it’s free for lifetime, you just have to sign up, fill in your details and valid profile and that’s it. You are ready to go provided you are a CFTRIAN.


2. How to login?

A. Once you register with user name and password the next time you can just go to login page and use the same.


3. Why is that I am being asked admin approval after sign up?

A. Give us few hours and you shall be live. This is just to see that valid alumni are being joined. It avoids unwanted and malicious content and people who join with fake profiles.


4. How do I post news?

A. Once you login. Click on news header, you are ready to add news just by clicking on ADD NEWS feature on the right hand side. Do post news which is relevant to your personal or professional life, our field and industry.


5. How do I post photos?

A. Once you login, click on Gallery and you can see ADD feature on right side. You can add photos related to your personal or professional life. Let us know what happening with you, we shall be happy.


6. Can I add jobs once I login?

A. Yes, you can by click on ADD jobs and post the same. This will help the students or people in need. Whether it’s small or big job doesn’t matter, you never know the needs of alumni, so just post the job if you find it relevant.


7. Can I view and apply jobs?

A. Yes off course, you can see & apply jobs by clicking on APPLY the job under relevant job posting.


8. Can a third party or job consultant post jobs?

A. Yes, this is the only feature where in a third party, industry, MNC, HR or job consultants can add jobs just by clicking on ADD jobs without logging or joining the site. This will help us to promote our brand CFTRI routing jobs specifically through the portal and they shall have the best pool of resumes as alumni can apply directly through the portal.


9. What is a forum?

A. This is a place where in you can post your blogs, views, information and discuss about the same with fellow alumni. This will help imparting knowledge and educate others. These blogs can be viewed and shared in our Facebook, twitter or linked in accounts.


10. What is consulting?

A. This is the place where general public, startups in food field can contact CFTRI alumni for any guidance, technical or strategic consultation, setting up a factory, problem solving, suggestions, information related to food science, Post-harvest technology, technology, nutrition, food laws, training, agriculture etc. This will be routed to the subject matter expert within the alumni who shall provide inputs and solutions. This information might be available for free or with a fee to be paid to the subject matter expert.


11. Is this site linked with alumni social sites?

A. Yes, you can just click on the icons of Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and YouTube channels on the left hand side or bottom of the site. Relevant news and posts can be shared through these social media means for public.


12. How can I apply for scholarship?

A. Needy or meritorious students can apply for a scholarship routed through alumni. Just click on apply scholarship and submit your credentials which shall be scrutinized by alumni and approve the same


13. Can I contribute financially to alumni?

A. Yes you can by providing scholarships for needy and meritorious students. These scholarships will be routed through alumni through proper scrutiny of available applications by alumni. Do contact us for the same.


14. What is Donate at bottom of the site?

A. There will be times when individuals within alumni or specified cause need our help or contribution. Need may arise in any format and we as alumni always love to contribute our share whether small or big. Let’s donate and give a helping hand for people in need.


15. What I shouldn’t post?

A. We feel that internet is a double edge sword which can be used for best and worst. As alumni from India’s top food institute we have moral and ethical responsibility towards the society. Please avoid irrelevant, malicious posts which can potentially hurt or harm others.